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Managing Negative Comments Online

The worst thing about negative complaints on the internet is that there is no requirement credible evidence required for a post, tweet, or review to be accepted as the absolute truth. The complaint does not need to contain any legitimate facts.  What’s worse, the person doing the complaining can remain completely anonymous which adds incentive to  embellishment of the incident. The complaint can come from anywhere.  It might be an ex-employee, a disgruntled customer, or even an competitor who is just trying to ruin your business.

Negative social and blog posts will often appear on page one when your company name is searched on Google.  We can help.

If your company / firm has been plagued by negative social or blog postings, let us help you push those postings onto page two or three of the Google search results.  Contact us about our reputation management services.

When a customer / client feels mistreated by a company or an individual, it takes mere seconds to post negative feedback all over the web. Something as ordinary as a blog post, tweet, or Facebook status update can create a viral avalanche of negative press for your business whether big or small.

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