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 Driven by Results

For the past 14 years, I have been the marketing adviser for a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas,  the 8th largest city in the United States.  Running a digital campaign in a large market can quickly become cost-prohibitive unless you have an expert level of media buying savvy.  Your ability to sustain a successful marketing strategy will depend on depend on how smart your firm or company is when buying digital media.  That’s where I can help.  I will evaluate your marketing goals and help you target, purchase, and track your digital media.  Call me for a marketing evaluation at:

(210) 239-4673

Track, Attribute, Optimize

A successful digital strategy requires accurate information.   The challenge to today’s business owner is the tracking and reporting that most digital vendors provide you only gives partial data.  Marketing vendor reports are often nothing more than a few statistics that promote their product.  You can’t make a buying decision with only half of the data.  Improper reporting leaves the business owner with more questions than answers.  The bottom line question that most business owners need the answer to is “what was my cost to acquire a new client with this digital purchase?”  The answer to that question eludes most business owners when they look at their marketing reports.

With our help, you will be able to track your online spending better.  Track the results that your dollars are producing with:

  • Full Attribution Tracking Down to the Conversion

  • No Contracts or long term commitments

  • No Setup Or Management Fees

  • Fully Managed By Us – No Experience Necessary


We will help you track results, accurately attribute value to your online purchase and continually optimize your marketing efforts for better results in the future.


Become A Media Agnostic:

Target your prospective clients no matter what media they use:

Behavioral targeting is a critical component to any successful digital campaign.  Yet, it has been my experience that most digital media vendors barely understand this concept let alone implement it for you.  Why pay to advertise to people who would never hire your or buy from you?  Target the ones who will hire or buy from you and advertise to them no matter where they are:

  • Google, Bing or Yahoo

  • Social Media

  • Favorite Blog or News Site


My team and I will show you how to reach the most people, with the highest propensity to hire/buy from you, at the lowest possible cost.

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